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Creating a new project

Creating your own instance of R2 Explorer is easy, after making sure you have Node installed, run this tool that will help you get started:

npm create r2-explorer@latest

Step 1: select the name

You will be greeted with the creation tool, in the first prompt enter the name you want for your application, This name will also be used to deploy the application later into your Cloudflare account.

using create-r2-explorer version 1.0.0

╭ Create an application with Cloudflare Step 1 of 3
╰ In which directory do you want to create your application? also used as application name


You can hit enter to continue with the default name my-r2-explorer.

Step 2: install dependencies

This step is completely automated, the creation tool with copy the required files for you application and install all the dependencies.

 Installing dependencies Step 2 of 3
 Installing dependencies 
 installed via `npm install`
 Dependencies Installed 

Step 3: deploy the application

After installing everything, the creation tool will ask you if you want to deploy now.

If you select no, you will have to manually deploy it later, read more here.

 Deploy with Cloudflare Step 3 of 3
 Do you want to deploy your application?
  Yes / No

Otherwise, if you select yes, the tool with proceed to deploy the application.

 Deploy with Cloudflare Step 3 of 3
 Do you want to deploy your application?
 yes deploy via `npm run deploy`
 Logging into Cloudflare checking authentication status 
 not logged in
 Logging into Cloudflare This will open a browser window 
 allowed via `wrangler login`
 Selecting Cloudflare account retrieving accounts 
 account G4brym
 Deploying your application 
 deployed via `npm run deploy`
  SUCCESS  View your deployed application at
 Navigate to the new directory cd my-r2-explorer
 Run the development server npm run start
 Deploy your application npm run deploy
 Read the documentation
 Stuck? Join us at
 Waiting for DNS to propagate 
 DNS propagation complete.
 Waiting for deployment to become available 
 deployment is ready at:
 Opening browser
 See you again soon! 


Login is completly handled by wrangler and your authentication details never leave your local machine!

Feel free to inspect the creation tool code on github

Manually creating the project

If you preffer to do the things yourself, there is a project template available on github here, that you can use.