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R2 Explorer

R2-Explorer is a powerful tool that provides a user-friendly interface for managing Cloudflare R2 Buckets. It is designed to be deployed as a Worker in your own Cloudflare account, allowing you to access and manage your R2 Buckets with ease. With its intuitive Google Drive-like interface, R2-Explorer makes it simple to organize and manage your data stored in the cloud.

This project is deployed/self-hosted in your own Cloudflare Account as a Worker, and no credential/token is required to start using it.

Try Live Demo

This project is still in development, and there are definitely going to be some weird issues sometimes, but when you find something please open an new issue for it to get solved.


  • Very quick bucket/folder navigation
  • Basic Auth
  • pdf, image, txt, markdown, csv, etc in-browser preview
  • Drag-and-Drop upload
  • Multiple files and folder uploads
  • Create folders
  • Rename files
  • Download files
  • Delete files
  • Right click in file for extra options
  • Multipart upload for big files
  • Cloudflare Access validation using jwt