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Add R2 buckets

The R2 Explorer will only be able to access the buckets you give it access to.

After creating the buckets you want in the Cloudflare dashboard.

Update your wrangler.toml file, and add the binding for all the buckets you want to access. In this example i'm adding 2 buckets to my application called personal-files and server-backups:

name = "my-r2-explorer"
main = "src/index.ts"
compatibility_date = "2023-05-12"

binding = 'personal-files'
bucket_name = 'personal-files'
preview_bucket_name = 'personal-files'

binding = 'server-backups'
bucket_name = 'jfk-server-backups'
preview_bucket_name = 'jfk-server-backups'

After this, just deploy your application normally with:

wrangler deploy


Notice that you can customize the binding name to be whatever you would like and that name is used inside the dashboard to access the bucket.